How to Crack Any Job Interview 2023-2024 in India

Want to Crack Any Job Interview? Get Best tips and Tricks to Crack Interview.

If u want to crack interview and finding someone to guide you, then you are at right place. Here, we are going to mentioned some important tips that you must have to remember before go for Interview. Here, we also publish motivation video by our experts that will surely motivate you and remove your all fear that you are facing while thinking about- How to Face interview?  I am assure you after reading this Article and listening to this video you will stop finding further help .so just Read carefully and note it down and leave everything else on me for a while

How to crack interview ?

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Why many eligible candidates are fail to Crack job interview, in-spite of they have very goof Educational Qualification? Answer of Your question will be clear in Just two Points. Let take a loot:-

  • Pessimistic thinking
  • over confidence or wishful thinking


Pessimistic Thinking

when you are so negative about yourself that you always think that, if you have not cracked the interview for the last 4-5 times, then how will u crack now OR i m going for for first time and there is no chance for a fresher like me to crack. This thing are kind of wall between you and your success. wall of fear just remove it, remove these kind of thoughts.


Over confidence or wishful Thinking

It is when you start thinking that you are the only eligible person to get that job. You should get that job at any how, but you have no strong reasons for that. why??

Only you have degrees , others don’t have ??

Only you have problems in your life, others don’t have ??

So, here comes the question what and how should you think.. simply relate this to a game of cricketers where no wickets are there to out you. Similarly , this interview or this opportunity is just a ball thrown to you by a life. If u got a six then well n good and if You miss the ball you can’t be out.  As, i told there is no wickets behind you ,and you will get ball another soon.

so, what is important focus on next ball and again play it with the same attitude. Good news for you is that, in Life game:  balls will never ends 🙂 , means opportunities will never end but you should be in the field. so that u get that opportunity, don’t leave the field.

<<so this was about your thinking part>>


Now at practical part, the first step You have to take is to develop your knowledge about the organization and post for which you are going to appear..

  • Basic knowledge: You have a basic knowledge about that company or organization where you are going to apply and want to do job for that company like : Name of the owner,  Name of the partners, Current issues of the company, what are the issues they are facing and reasons for that, competitors of that company in their field. so, all these things You can easily get on internet : Read their own websites to develop knowledge of their working and internal structure overview.. then about the post that, what kind of work you have to done if you are that post? what are the value of that post in market?

Then, if you have gained all this knowledge. Now you need to know about your own skills about your own knowledge of that particular work.. Then you should match yourself with that post and then you should be able to know, how you can actually fit in that post.. which is very important in order to make the interview understand why you are the good choice for them as their employee. Explore your knowledge about these thing as much as you can.


so, this was your preparation part..If you have developed the knowledge as i told you. Now you shall also take care of your confidence side by side.You should have believe in your self as told you earlier, your confidence should not be too low or too high..

At this time your thinking must be like that, if you get this job, that is good for you and company also.. and if u loose the job then also its good for you. But its loss for a company to loose employee like you. So, what is actually happening you are not afraid to loose the job nor you have greed to get The job. so, here you develops the difference from other candidates.

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At the time they are thinking of weather they get the job or not.. They are thinking if they loose the job then what would happen.. or some are thinking if they would get
the job then what they would do, at the same you are just thinking about your preparation and knowledge, nothing else and that’s what will make you winner among all of them.


Now when everything is done at time of interview . Your communication must be best.. you should be expressive to the interviewer.

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  • You should be able to express your thoughts clearly to the interviewer.
  • Your language should be in flow : means you should not take time between the words you are speaking

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If there is problem while you are speaking in English. So i am not going to teach you about grammar or words of English. But i Am going to provide you method to how to speak fast English? 

How to speak English?

You can speak English if you start thinking of the words in English only instead of thinking in Hindi and then converting them to English. This would help to reduce your time between words while speaking. So,  make yourself flows and expressive..

Now you are almost done 🙂 🙂


The last thing you have to remember is that you should be a good listener at time of interview. You should clearly understand what interview want to ask because You are fully prepared now, there is no chance of mistake from you till you are able to understand the words and question of the interviewer and this is not a difficult task.

what you have to do is that pay full attention to the interviewer and don’t be overexcited, means don’t rash to give an answer. First listen to it , then understand it , and then answer the question

Finally, the job is yours no one can stop you

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Please don’t forget to share your thinking related to Job interview. If you have more tips and tricks to crack interview please share in comment box. We love to hear your thought and positive thinking toward future planing and career in 2023.

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